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I met Ron three years ago, and in all those years, he has been generous in saying nicest things about me, about other people, including complete strangers. This time I would like to turn the table on him. I am not sure, however, if I would do justice to it. One thing I am so sure about is the thought that, at least, I tried. Here are some descriptions that seemingly fit Ron's character as a person.

Ron is one who stands firm to his words. Once he sets his mind into something, he makes it a point to follow through. No matter how hard I try to convince him to my own line of thinking, all is in vain. He would always find a way to rationalize things until I shift mine to his. However, he would be quick to stand corrected when he errs and I'm so right. :-)

He’s a bookworm and delves on history, politics, social issues, literature, and art, to name a few. He used to read Tiktik, Bulgar, Abante, and other slutty Pinoy craps, as well. He barely survives a day without reading - quite close to being impossible. Buy him a book and he would be forever indebted to you.

He loves to engage in private and public discussions - either in a forum, on the streets, or at the bus stations. He reaches out to people from all walks of life who want to share their wits with him. When someone talks about anything, that someone is assured of an audience in him.

He has a strong personality. He is direct and tries his hardest to make sure he gets the result he wishes to earn. He sets his benchmark above the ordinary. He would not settle for second best. Indeed, he is critical even to himself and others. He is, however, conciliatory when the circumstances require.

On the one hand, Ron is a fun character. There are times when people are drawn to his bubbly personality. Many of his friends or otherwise admire his unassuming talent and wit. He loves to do Karaoke despite of it all. The stage is his own domain and has the ability to turn an embarrassing situation into a pure entertainment. There’s absolutely not a dull moment with him.

A man of passion, he never fails to please me, if you know what I mean. Truly an endearing friend and an incredible partner. I am absolutely delighted to have met him. Thanks to that Perlas ng Silangan Restaurant in Queens, New York, where all things have begun.

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